We source our pickups from David Barfuss. All pickups are hand wound and are offered in different sound genres – from jazz, blues, rock to metal.

The displayed Humbuckers and Singlecoils are specially designed for installation without pickguard and pickup frame. Due to the very narrow tabs, milling can be kept small which greatly improves the appearance of the guitar. The pickups can be equipped with closed or open nickel silver cover. Upon request we offer various inlays at open covers. They are available in different colors and materials.


The `63 Singlecoil is made with Alnico V magnets and Formvar copper wire, to reproduce a fine warm tone. The pickups from that era are known for their slightly higher winding numbers and are characterized by powerful sound with sparkling highs. The 63-Style articulates the typical single-shine with lots of overtones.


The pickups are equipped with open nickel silver caps. If you want to customize them, we offer inserts in various colors, wood or mother of pearl.


Output: Alnico V, Bridge 6.2 kOhm, Center 6.1 kOhm, Neck 6.0 kOhm


The Fandango Modern Humbucker are specially customized for Ramp. Like in the old days they are hand wound with 42 AWG magnet wire.
Through the over winding the bridge pickups produces on one hand a fat hot and raunchy tone.
On the other hand the neck pickup puts out sweet and singing tones without being muddy.


If you want to customize the Pickups, we offer open nickel silver caps which can be fitted with inserts in various colors, wood or mother of pearl.


Thus Grant Gtrs describes the sound: "The openness of the neck pickups can be described as excellent, bell-shaped with right treble range. The Bridge pickups behaves differently. One has the feeling of a little compression. In any case it puts out tremendous pronounced thrust."


Output: Alnico V, Bridge 9.2 kOhm, Neck 8.0 kOhm. For less output also available with Alnico III

P90 Vintage Singlecoil

These P90 Vintage pickups with black bobbins, two special Alnico II magnets, vintage style single braided wire leads and a coil wound by hand gives them incredible vitality. On one hand, rich and warm. On the other hand, they cut like a knife with just the right amount of compression for lead playing. This P90's offers popular classic tones. From sweet chimes up to fat overdrive sound. Neck and Bridge pickup are wound RW/RP for noiseless operation when played together. We offer them with fine nickel silver caps. Also avalaible in creme and black.


Thus Gitarre&Bass judges the sound: "The attribute that stands above all if you want to describe the sound is great.
Here comes a gigantic sound out of the speaker."


Output: Alnico II, Bridge 8.5 kOhm, Neck 7.5 kOhm


For our guitars with aged look we treat the metal parts and pickup covers itself.

Radiator pickup cover with gold and silver mesh

1. Open and Radiator Cover

in Humbucker size

2. Ramp Custom Casing

The covers are made of high-grade nickel silver and have no influence on the sound.

These Pickups are in two versions avaliable:


1. The Open and Radiator Cover in Humbucker size is available for Humbucker and Single Coil (P90). The pickups can be equipped with an open or radiator cover. The mesh is available in gold and silver.


2. The Ramp Custom Casing is a proprietary development. It is assembled from a base plate, wooden frame and lid. A Humbucker or P90 can be installed in the casing. The mesh is available in gold and silver. The baseplate and the cover is made of nickel silver. Optionally they can be gilded.


 The coils made by David Barfuss and can be set to your sound preference. All pickups are hand wound.

Please ask for more details and price.

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More Pickups on request

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