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The new Hornet Fire is an evolution of the classic Hornet and adds a third model to the Hornet series. The body is characterized by a curved asymmetric design, which is emphasized by the new pickguard. The pickguard is made of Plexiglas, which is painted on the back in the color of your choice. In addition, the entire electronic is housed in the pickguard, which can be changed quickly if necessary. In the pickguard, a variety of pickups can be attached. For example: humbucker, mini humbucker, P90, filtertron, single coils, etc. A special highlight is the Headstock in "bottle opener" design, which gives the guitar a unique look in a retro style.


The Hornet Fire will be available with a Tune-o-Matic / Stoptail and angled neck or with a hardtail / tremolo bridge and straight neck.


The Hornet Fire can be ordered in the following varieties:

Top: Colored top opaque or transparent with binding. Body back side, rib and neck in nature.

Shape: Optimized body for arm and chest. The body and neck will be painted opaque or transparent.


For these guitars we will offer a variety of colors - from opaque, metallic colors and transparent colors.


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